Friday, June 17, 2011

Smooth Friction

Smooth Friction
(Ismut Priksyun)

They will be having their Bar Tour to promote their double album Gun and Blues Job this June 17 at the Outpost and the 24th at Handuraw Cafe. 

ISMUT PRIKSYUN (Smooth Friction) Brief Profile

They plays a fusion of Blues, Rock, Classical, Metal, Standard, Jazz, RnB, Electronika and other musical styles they?ve grown up with including ?kundiman? (Phil. Folk Music). Started in 2000 and not sticking to one particular music genre their debut twin album was released in 2001, one album was ?live? and the other was Industrial/Electronica. Since then they have not stopped creating music and boasted of 5 indie albums and one E.P. so far.
Several of their original tracks can be heard on the radios nationwide especially in Vis-Min areas while other tracks were featured as soundtracks in local and national released Indie Films as well as a major Philippine movie.

Based in Cebu, Philippines they are considered as one of the pioneering DIY musical artists in Vis-Min area, innovative, provocative, and independent bands out there locally, and sometimes considered as musical pranksters by their contemporaries best known for their live performance antics, timeless tunes and sexualy induced lyrics.

Currently they are buzy with everday jobs and occational live gigs around Cebu and provinces. Watch out for their upcoming 6th and 7th album to be double released hopefully before the year 2010 ends.

to listen to their songs click here:

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